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The greatest intranet success stories occur when employees feel they are participating in the operation and success of the company. There’s no faster way to get employees involved, and to elevate morale, than by sharing information.

The key to a successful launch is to post information that matters to your employees:

  • Post your company holiday listing to your intranet’s Announcements and Documents sections. Use your intranet’s Send Link feature to send all employees a link to the holiday schedule via e-mail.
  • Post all your commonly-used business forms to your intranet’s Documents section; such as Vacation Request forms, Supply Order forms, Benefits Enrollment and Purchase Order forms. Once the forms are posted, use your intranet’s Send Link feature to let employees know where to find the forms. Then eliminate all hard copies from your office, and save time and expense.
  • Create links to important information. On your intranet’s home page connect employees with essential information. Post links to your company’s Benefits Provider website, 401 (k) Provider website Customer, Competitor, and Vendor websites, etc.
  • Create an employee suggestion box. Create a discussion forum and allow employees to post suggestions for various company policies and procedures.
  • Input basic information about your company employees in the Members Directory. Encourage employees to fill in more details such as title, department, additional phone numbers, and even a photo as they join the intranet.
  • Create an employee bulletin board where employees can; Advertise used cars and bicycles for sale, seek out roommates and share a vacation home among other things.

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